The West Knoxville church of Christ is a group of people committed to following Christ as He instructs from the New Testament. We have been saved from our sins and have been added to His body, the church. Our goals are to teach the good news of Jesus to the world around us, to nurture each Christian in the church to full growth in Christ, and to provide benevolent help to saints in need.

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We're delighted that you located us online and we invite you to come and see us in person. More importantly, we invite you to come and learn of Jesus and His gospel (Mt. 11:28-30), and to join us in worship (Ps. 95:6)

If you have recently moved into the area, one of the most important decisions you must make when moving to a new community is where your family will worship God and continue to grow spiritually. We hope you will take this opportunity to learn about us and come visit us in person at your first opportunity.

If you are visiting the Knoxville area, we invite you to worship with us. You will be our honored guest.

What Must I Do to be Saved?

A British newspaper published the greatest 101 questions of all time.  The questions covered a wide variety of subjects.   For example, “Where is the safest place to stand outside in a thunderstorm?”  “Why do identical twins have different fingerprints?”  “Is the human race still getting taller?”  “Why do I feel cold and shiver when I have a fever?”   

Surprisingly, the list ignores the most important and far-reaching question of all: what must I do to be saved?   This is the only question that remains significant beyond this world and throughout eternity.

To be fair, we should not expect to find the answer to this question in the curiosity section of a newspaper.  To learn what we must do to be saved, we must search the Scriptures.  

Click HERE to learn what the Word says about how to become a believer.

See The Power of a 100 Scriptures for similar content on other passages.

Recent Lessons

  1. PlaySin is Sin
    Griffis, Cory
  2. PlayTwo Famous Battles
    Duggin, Rick
  3. PlaySilence
    Duggin, Matt
  4. PlaySecuring The Heart
    Duggin, Rick

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